Aloha Maui Ohana!  I have been serving the community of Maui for over 12 years as a physical therapist and women's health advocate. I have focused my expertise in skin rehabilitation and have a steadfast drive for real and lasting results. I am particularly intrigued with how physics interfaces with our physiology to facilitate the healing process!
I am honored to be able to do what I love, on this beautiful island full of community love.
I enjoy time with my truly magical hubby and kitties & dancing through life!  I look forward to meeting you and sharing the possibilities!
Joel Friedman M.D. practices right here in Kula, HI. Since our company opened its doors in 1990, we’ve treated every patient like they were a part of our family.
Dr. Friedman is a licensed Medical Doctor, who strives to help people in a safe and more natural way. He specializes in Cranial Osteopathic Treatment for injury and pain. He uses preventive,nutritional and homeopathic therapy for the last  30 years.
We are very excited to offer this state of the art therapy for skin rejuvenation.
Aloha! I have been serving our Maui Community for the past 30 years, 16 of those years was as a Certified Dental Assistant. The past 14 years as a Medical Assistant for Dr. Joel Friedman.
Having a more natural approach to healing, I am redirecting
my expertise onto skin rejuvenation.  I enjoy spending time with
my husband, children and grand-children.
I look forward to sharing great possibilities with the newest technology for our health and beauty.
Dr. Joel Friedman
Jade L Brown, PT
Jody Ann Vegas, Technician